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ANDRE my first llama. Andre passed away suddenly during the summer of 2003. He was the most friendly and cuddly llama I have met. He loved going for walks!! I think about Andre frequently and miss him very much.

Beautiful Andre

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hot Cocoa Question Week 4

I don't vacation much, but my best vacation was about 4 years ago. Brian and I went to Chicago. Two ducks out of water. You have to know us to appreciate that statement. Two Yoopers in the big city, neither of us has been to a big city. We didn't take a map, mistake #1. Traveling 80+ on the interstate, there is a fork in the road, Brian asks me "which way do I go?" and I replied abruptly "I don’t' f*&^ing know, go left!” We pull into Chicago at just after 5 on a Friday, what were we thinking, drive around and around the block dodging people, and taxi's to find the motel. We ended back up on the freaking freeway on the opposite side of our exit which was not but a block away, so holding on and thanking god we got rental insurance on the car, we zoom across the six lanes of traffic. We get to the motel, but where in the he** is the parking lot, every motel has a parking lot right? NO, not in Chicago, so we pull into an alley. Not a bright idea as there is a vehicle parked in front of us, trying to get out and one pulls in behind us. Brian goes into the motel and hands the keys to the parking attendant, what are they called again? He parks the car, and we don't see it again until we leave on Sunday. But hey, we paid $30 a day to NOT see the car; we don't even know where he parked it!! We thought we would walk around and see the city, we have our GPS, but the buildings block out the signal, so how will we know where the motel is, well it is right next to Starbucks, we can remember that.... well let me be the one to tell you there is a Starbucks on about every block!!! We are also next to a tall building. Oh ya, they are ALL tall buildings. Rest assured we remembered we were a block away from the Berghoff (bar, restaurant). We went on the Sears Tower, Navy Pier, passed on making donations for the poor, even though it was tax deductible. I could go on an on but I will stop there….I think you get the point!! Two ducks out of water, yup that was us.

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh yah, I've heard of ducks like you. LOL

In the beginning.....

there were two lambs, Moe and Baaxter. A friend heard I had a couple of lambs and needing to sell his sheep, said I needed more. Needless to say I ended up buying his Shetlands to add to my "fiber frenzy". Naturally this led to lambs in the spring!! Listening to the coyotes yelp one night, I thought I had better get a llama to protect those precious little lambs, and their families. I knew I was addicted!!

I fell in love with the llams's they are so regal! I kept "collecting" them, and before I knew it, I had a stud and was breeding. I quickly found that Shetland Sheep were not for me and I purchased more Border Leicesters, eventually I had a flock of about 30 sheep and 10 llama's. In 2004 I sold all but Moe, Baaxter, and two llama's (Estile and Socks), and moved. This was hard to do, but it had to be done.

I still have Moe, Baaxter, Estile and Socks, as well as Estile's two other children, Bahama Llama (Bomber) and Porter. Socks is expecting, the end of June, she is bred to a suri alpaca. Porter is half suri alpaca, also.